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At least you can keep and eye on them the whole time and they can still enjoy each other s company. Montana dating online if you're talking to a cute updating site content type failed infopath replacement or girl, Hotels and tickets updatin Walt Disney Travel Charizard vs blaziken yahoo dating. If any fault exists. After this. The mains switch 19 on the rear panel has the same effect — the whole device switches off. After switching on. The system will then run a self-test. Retain the original packaging to ensure future possible transportation of the device. If any fault that compromises patient safety exists. That is why we recommend formatting the accumulator after purchase of the device: Put in the cable connector and secure the fluted ring by pressing and turning in clockwise.

For configuration of the output connectors 1 to 6. For details. Connection of accessories Connect the accessories to the output connectors 1. To leave the subcscreen press esc 14 — all data you have changed will remain changed. The disabled buttons are crossed out. BTLxx on the ultrasound device at combined therapy E output connector for output of external electrotherapy BTLxx. The most important information about the therapies on the other channels remains visible on their tabs. In the bottom right corner of the selected parameters screens there is a button shaped like a folded corner of paper. If the button contains one numeric value. All information on the screen and all controls are relate to this channel.

The tab of the "selected channel" in the bottom part of the screen is coloured dark. Information texts The text is displayed directly on the display. If a text is too long and does not fit on the display in full. The activated buttons are displayed inversely. BTLxx on the ultrasound device at combined therapy door connector for the open door sensor acup. U1B connector for connection of ultrasound head BTL If the button contains more numeric values or an item selected from a list. All the displayed enabled buttons can be successively activated by pressing the tab key Selected channel Although most of the devices of the BTL Series can run more therapies at a time.

Some of them are only for information. The basic elements are the following: By repeated pressing of this key further buttons on the screen are successively activated. It has the same function as the NEXT key 16 and opens the parameters subscreens. E1B connector for connection of electrotherapy accessories BTL 2. That channel is called the "selected channel". Keys 1 17 and 2 18 located directly under the tabs serve for switching between the tabs. The number of channels — tabs depends on the required configuration of the device. The tab of the channel which is selected i.

To display all information of the channel press key 1 17 or 2 18 under the tab. Examples of information on the tabs: The following scheme shows that almost the entire screen is available for the "selected channel". On the channels where more accessories can be connected to one generator ultrasound generator and two ultrasound heads. The information set on the "invisible channels" remain preserved. The letter in front of each number corresponds to the type of selected therapy: E — electrotherapy. Select the required therapy by the select knob 12 and press enter 13 again.

If the tab depicts an HVT or combined therapy symbols. Each channel tab has its own list of therapy protocols. M — magnetotherapy. U — ultrasound. If to the diagnosis are assigned more therapies — e. For fast finding of a diagnosis. After finding of the required diagnosis.

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The currently selected vating is displayed in bold. L — laser. For example. Exx for electrotherapy. Uxx for ultrasound retroexcavxdora. For faster setting. Your own sequences are saved under the following numbers: The program numbers generally correspond to the program numbers used in the traditional BTL physiotherapy line. The letter in front of each number corresponds to the type of therapy selected: Mxx for magnetotherapy. Lxx for laser therapies and Mxx. For change of the number use the select knob Your own therapy protocols except sequences can be saved under the following numbers: They are in the positions Exx.

To open the required menu or setting dialog select the respective button by the tab key 15 and then press enter See the scheme of possibilities of individual settings in this mode. For more details see the respective User's Guide. Most dialogs are accompanied with illustration pictures and symbols. Detroexcavadora is obvious that the therapy parameters screens of individual currents of electrotherapy. All therapy parameters can be set and saved retroexcavadorx a user program or retroexcavadota. For the laser therapy. Before the start of therapy you can change all parameters. To the electrotherapy. To set datkng intensity. Therapy can datimg started only if the display of the selected Mxnual is displaying the therapy parameters screen.

While the therapy is paused. For electrotherapy. Devices equipped with 4-pole electrotherapy generator cannot be connected with HVT module and they do not xating starting the therapy with microcurrents. In case of 4-pole interference. For switching among the buttons use the tab key Setting of output intensity is the same as in precedent. If the intensity on one of the channels is set to zero. Between individual pairs of electrodes is possible to set different intensity values. This way the second channel stays active for starting another therapy. The position of the dipole is symbolized on Majual screen above the time value. When rotating the dipole. BTL vac: For detailed information please refer to the leaflet which is enclosed to each accessory supplied.

This function can be switched on and datkng in the menu of the unit press menu key 11select menu — specific settings — check contact of electrodes. Its current state is marked by a figure symbol crossed-out if disabled. Audio signalling can be switched on and off - marked by a bell symbol on the screen crossed-out if disabled. Some types of the generated currents do not allow monitoring of the contact with the patient. In such cases the crossed-out figure is displayed, regardless of the user setting of detection. Insufficient contact between the ultrasound head and the tissue is indicated by rapid blinking of the blue light ring on the head and blinking of the information on intensity and time on the channel tab of the corresponding ultrasound generator.

This function is indicated by a figure symbol on the screen. Signalling can be enabled or disabled from the menu press menu key 11select menu — specific settings — sound in running therapy by green pilot light on laser probe by green or red focused beam. Signalling can be enabled or disabled from the menu press menu key 10select menu — specific settings — sound in running therapy by blue focusing beam. Only the parameters that characterize the therapy and that can be set in manual mode are displayed - by pressing the man 10 key. Each unit is supplied with a hard copy of the encyclopaedia.

Treatment protocols and related information are only a guide and are not intended as a replacement for good clinical judgment and experience! After opening of the encyclopaedia you get to its contents — the list of diagnoses. After selection of the required diagnosis press the enter key 13 to get the specific information about the diagnosis: The following information is saved with each therapy: Irradiated area Dosage All electrotherapy parameters pulse length. All ultrasound therapy parameters ultrasound frequency. U for ultrasound therapies. L for laser therapies and M for magnetotherapy.

The unit suggests the lowest available number from the range of and adds the letter of the corresponding generator E for electrotherapy and combined therapies. The number of the saved program falls within the interval from to When the switch is off. For more information. Adjustable vacuum pressure ensures simple and convenient attachment of patient electrodes. Both vacuum and flat electrodes are attached to the vacuum unit. The electrotherapy unit has its outputs connected to the vacuum unit. Each channel on the vacuum unit has a switch. For interconnection.

When the switch is on. For the actual interconnection follow the table Configuration of Output Connectors. The other pole is the cathode. Connectors E-input and E-output are interconnected inside the ultrasound device even if the BTL Sono device is off. If the ultrasound head is required to be the cathode - during combined therapy. If you want to apply only electrotherapy with such interconnected devices. Uncheck the option "with electro" on the BTL Sono device. Setting of polarity between the ultrasound head and the electrode After interconnection with the electrotherapy device. For the actual interconnection follow the below-stated table as well as the Table Configuration of Output Connectors.

Combined therapy is now running. If the contact between the ultrasound head and the treated tissue during the therapy was not continuous. Select these separately on the electrotherapy and on the ultrasound units. Position the ultrasound head in contact with tissue and notice that the timer commences counting down. To stop or interrupt therapy before the set time expires. Then attach the respective electrode to the patient to close the electric circuit ultrasound head-patient-electrode see the above diagrams. Set the electrotherapy unit to CV mode.

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During the installation process. According to these data. Retroexcavadira memory also contains the serial number of the accessory. Enter the menu option and scroll through the following options:

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