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At the top pyerto the mountian we hiked up, there were horses awating in addition to a real gaucho! His name was David, and we rode somekne horses on his estancia - nearly 10, acres in size! My wife is an avid horseback rider and claims that these were some of the best kept horses she's ever seen. We rode along the Argentinian border and atop the ridge of a mountain with amazing vistas, then down to David's farm.

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We were able to trot, canter, and gallop once we were on the flatland. Day looiing Day 4: The two suites each have their own Jacuzzi inn there's also a hot tub for sharing and stunning views from the somwone terrace. The hotel specialises in four- and five-day fly-fishing itineraries but natapes also arrange day trips to the national parks, and mountain-biking tours. A newly built wing brings the room total to 28, and they all make the most of a small space, with wood-panelled walls and splashes of colour from handwoven woollen blankets.

The large, open-plan lounge bar is kept cosy with an open fire and, if you don't want to go into town, the restaurant serves local dishes that you can pair with a good choice of South American wines. To ease any post-trek aches and pains, wend your way down the wooden walkway to the spa and the free outdoor hot tubs for spectacular sunset views. The white-and-glass facade — which turns icy-blue at night — resembles a glacier. Inside, a sparkling granite staircase cuts through three-storey-high concrete walls, as though it were a crack in the ice. The 21 minimalist rooms have white walls, slate floors, dark-wood furniture and flatscreen TVs, and the top-floor suite has a double-height loft space, perfect for families.

Rooms are comfortable and staff is helpful. They kept our bags for one day after we checked out. Vanessa, Brazil the room is on the third floor, no elavatorneed to take the luggage and walk upstairs. He told me that the place was fantastic, staff and people there was like a family Rodrigo, Chile Overall the place was good. Our room was cozy and warm. They had a leak from the bathroom upstairs that completely drenched our bathroom but it happened as we were getting ready to check out, so it was fine. The outer streets are lined with colourful corrugated tin houses that typify rural Patagonian towns. While there are plenty of people around throughout the hiking season October to AprilPuerto Natales has maintained its quiet charm.

It oozes a relaxed ambiance that is perfect for preparation and relaxation either side of a long trek. The city has a small airport, but direct flights from Santiago are limited and generally only available during the busiest tourist season November to March. From each of these you can reach Puerto Natales by bus, which will take a few hours and may require an extra overnight stop. Hire cars in Patagonia are expensive, and a range of good bus services provide a much cheaper and comfortable alternative.

For more information, check out our guide to how to get around Patagonia by bus. The petroglyphs of Puerto Natales.

When I had told Pedro that I loved mountain biking his eyes lit up. They stumbled across someonne beautiful seaside property while out fishing. The owner happened to be on the shore and waved them in to have a drink with them. One drink turned into many, and he told Pedro and his mates that he wanted to open his station up to adventure tourism.

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An old truck on the estancia. The property really is stunning, and with Giant hard-tail bikes loaded in the back of the truck we bounced our way to the top of the estancia. For the next few hours Pedro led me down twisting roads and paths that dissected the estancia, through deep puddles and eventually pulling up at a small beach. Despite becoming filthy, it was a lot of fun! Pedalling hard through a deep puddle. He welcomed us into his little house and we sipped on mate to get our energy levels up for the funnest part — the downhill!

Saying goodbye to the worker we bombed it back to the bottom of the estancia, flying down cattle paddocks and launching off of dirt mounds and rocks. The views of the fjords as a backdrop were pretty damn incredible, and it occurred to me that, excluding the backcountry of British Columbia, this may be one of the most beautiful places I had ever mountain biked. Bombing it downhill. Pedro beat me to the bottom, and when I caught up we cheered and hugged with stoke levels high! Knowing that this trail is only open to the guests of Remota, and that I was one of the first tourists he had ever taken there, made the experience all the more special.

Once we returned to Remota Lodge there was just enough time for me to scrub my boots and clothes clean, gorge ourselves on a huge lunch and down it with delicious beer before we left for our Skorpios glacier cruise.

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