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The requirement that the probe is brought into close proximity to the DUT is important increasingly.

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The test Groese is often densely packed with electronic circuits in order to achieve an accurate rapid testing of advanced devices. This technology is for. The electronic testing itself is done by a large and complicated automatic testing system which includes a test head. If probes are heavier, the following undesirable situations leads: Manipulators with telescopic vertical columns have been known for several years. A test head positioning system can also be called a test head positioner or test head manipulator. Water cooling systems with circulating water have been added to the probes that increase their weight and require that on the probe cable installation flexibility is executed.

In Patent ' a pneumatic mechanism is used to provide a compensation device of the vertical axis for a coupling.

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The maximum height of a shipping container and pallet with skids is one in detail to about inches approximately 9 feet and flectro. Since 5 kg are insignificant compared to kg, the load may be considered to be "weightless essentially" in a state of suspended. Recently testing equipment have been introduced that use probes with a mass of kg and more. This stress forces can also have a detrimental effect on overall system friction and consequently the force required for positioning and coupling said probe to have. In addition, an independent movement is possible in any degree of freedom.

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