Euro hook up adapter

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Continental Mains Hook-up Adaptor (2-pin)

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How Do I Apply? Check the needs of your own appliances accordingly before booking.

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Up Euro adapter hook

xdapter Finance Cancellations You can return all the items ordered on finance and the policy can then be cancelled. The Club is not responsible for electrical damage caused by voltage fluctuations. The Campsites' power supplies are shown within the pitch descriptions on our campsite web pages. You can settle your loan agreement at any time. Many continental sites have this system, but many still use their national-style plugs, especially in France, Germany and Spain.

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Taking a further extension cable is also a good idea. One-stop shopping: How Much Can I Borrow? In the case of reversed polarity, the supply enters your UK unit via the neutral instead of the live wire, and the appliance remains live even when switched off, so we recommend you also carry a polarity reverser.

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