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Sauna - sweating for good health

There is also one big established pool at the growth of the spa which again is for holders use only. In between, we will qualify you with daily data and get fruit.

You can find all of the SWM information in German regarding this here. A soothing massage between sauna sessions or at the asuna of your visit to the sauna relaxes the body, mind and soul perfectly. Massage services in the Munich SWM baths You can find out whether you need to order in advance or which massages are available in which baths here German. Sauna special: With this, you apply the salt and honey to the skin before the sauna session. The heat in the steam bath opens the pores.

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This ensures a deep cleansing effect for the skin. This treatment is offered daily in the Munich sauna steam baths as well as in the sauna island in Westbad but jn in the local sauna facilities or the steam rooms in the swimming pool hall. Ror daily schedule is as follows: Couplle is fir different and unique. Participation is free except for the regular entrance fee: Aqua floating and Rasul Midnight Dream: Listen to your body, feel yourself and forget about everyday life; aqua floating provides deep relaxation in water. An attendant moves you gently back and forth in the warm water which carries you effortlessly — without you being active yourself.

Experience a feeling of freedom from time and space. There is also one big indoor pool at the heart of the spa which again is for naked use only. The highlight though was an warm indoor pool beneath a domed ceiling, with floatation tubes that you put under your head and feet - as you effortlessly float looking at the ceiling with your ears submerged and your dangly bits bobbing up and down! It feels incredible. The only watch out for foreigners is the staff run regular, minute sauna sessions in the biggest saunas.

Nord Naked in sauna couple for

These are fantastic and we'll fouple going to, but if you miss the German sign and walk in mid-session the staff get a bit annoyed. To avoid this just look out for a little wooden sign on a stick on the door to the sauna - this means a session is happening. If in doubt, just wait 15 minutes or until you see people leaving the sauna - then you'll be good to come and go. When you arrive you will be faced with a smorgasbord of cocks soft and hardvaginas and asses — some more attractive than others. For the first few minutes this can be disconcerting, as though you have suddenly dropped into a Through the Looking-Glass world where, for some reason, everyone's decided to strip off and pretend it's all cool.

After a short while, though, you become accustomed to it, in the same way you quickly get used to the low lighting. Still, a hefty guy's hairy balls swinging by your face as he hauls ass out of the plunge pool is enough put a damper on any hopeful fantasies you may have had before you arrived. The main room contains a large jacuzzi that could probably hold 20, maybe more, and a swimming pool. The high, whitewashed wooden ceiling gives it a clubhouse feel. There is something oddly relaxing about kicking back, enjoying the bubbles and observing — a kind of advanced-level people watching. There's a social vibe here and most punters know not to overstep the mark. But one mountainous bloke, his stomach skin flabby and tent-like, distended by his huge pot belly — his man-boobs heavy orbs sliding away from one another — moves to sit next to a cute Greek couple who've just arrived.

The Naksd man keeps glancing furtively at the girl. She seems to notice, and looks annoyed. A persistent Nake in his shoulder suggests fpr wanking discretely beneath the water. The chlorine is eye-stingingly strong — just as well. No telling how many blokes would go through her in the steam flr. Trevor, the owner, saw how popular spas were in Europe and set about opening his own in formerly down-at-heel Kentish Town, which — at the time — was best known as a good place to go if you wanted to buy a gun in a pub. Things were better at the club in the old days, according to Jim, a Geordie I get chatting to in the pool.

There was this Russian bloke who came here regularly for a while with his girlfriend. He was 70 and rich; she was 25 and hot as hell. He'd go downstairs for a massage for 90 minutes, and she'd have some fun while he was gone. She was clever — she'd time it just right so her fella never found out. To the back of the swimming pool, a dark corridor illuminated by low red lights leads out to the garden. Along the way are three or four private rooms, each with a bed and a paper towel dispenser on the wall.

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