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The first few minutes of your interactions with them will panguages them gauge their expectations and can pave the way for future successes. Consider banning English in the classroom and speaking only French to your students yes, you read that right. Whether you teach in French exclusively or drift between French and English, you need to be consistent in how you teach.

If possible, try to show up early on your first day so you have time to set up and become acclimated to the classroom before teaching. Small things like this can help to settle your nerves and start your class off the right way. What Resources Can You Use? You may even have to distribute the books during the lesson and sometimes you might not have enough. Instead, prepare activities beforehand that you can use in case some students pitch up without a textbook. Here some popular French resources to help you get started include: BBC Languages French: Using a mixture of interactive activities and real-world content, FluentU transforms French pop culture, newspaper clippings and popular songs into language-learning curriculum that immerses the class in French culture.

French Pod Michard Things unless her childhood years. OverFrench translations of English words and phrases. Im good at holding off, too, when Speed dating french translation said I was having a ball.

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Authorities say the move would stop the spread of HIV "Polygamy, as we have discovered, has become a potent source of spreading the HIV scourge in Nigeria," he said. Breaking news, sport, TV, radio and a whole lot more. Or Non, je ne regardais pas…. Je voudrais un hot dog et un chocolat chaud. On paper you can construct a code where each letter is represented by a number e. Give one example of a word with its code, then get the class to solve the remaining codes. See examples on this site in Y7 section. An excellent oral version of code breaking can be played. Then read out sequences of numbers from which they have to work out the word. You can choose words to fit a particular theme.

Allow pupils to guess the word before the end. Pupils get very competitive, whilst they listen to numbers and solve the puzzle. This game works well, I promise! I am grateful to Sue Watkins for this simple game for beginners. She writes: Students may choose to call out one number, two numbers or three numbers. Whoever calls out Onze has to sit down. It can get very tactical with the boys trying to get rid of all the girls and vice versa. When it gets down to the last two then the one going first should win if they think, but mine often don't! Whoever says sept will lose. The winner gets a chocolate from the tin or a merit. They play it very quickly now so we often manage two or three games.

Speed dating Very easy! Pupils work in pairs and change partner every 5 minutes. After they have spoken to about 8 different people they could select the person with whom they would like to have a further date. Write down on the borad some areas they could cover: Word association A nice starter or finish to a lesson to recap vocab. Give pupils a theme, or let them use any words, and go round the class getting them to play word association. Give them an example first. They could play the game in groups. With more advanced learners they could be asked to justify their association of words. You then ask the group to close their eyes while you remove an item or more than one.

Pupils have to remember which item has gone missing. Effacez Similar to the above, but done on the board. You write up some words or pictures then get the class to close their eyes while you wipe out one or more items. You can have fun adding items too. Pupils at all levels enjoy short term memory games like these. Charades Pupils mime an activity while their group or partner tries to guess the activity. You could use this to practise jobs or simple daily routine tasks. Recorded sounds I used this once successfully, but it takes a little preparation. You go round the house recording sounds such as: You play the tape and ask pupils to say or write down what the task is. The latest digital recorders make this an easier task than it used to be.

Good for intermediate to advanced pupils. Story telling Good for high intermediate to advanced for about 30 minutes work. Do some vocab brainstorming on various vocab topics e. From this exercise draw up a a list of six to eight words, one from each category. Then give the group one of the words and ask them to build a sentence around it. Encourage interesting and humorous sentences. Then give them a second word and get them to produce the second sentence of the story. Continue with this until you get to the end of the sixth sentence.

The results are usually weird and sometimes amusing. Children do like making up silly stories based on suggestive pictures or words. Good pictures should be simple and suggest a background story, perhaps with a past and future. Who gives up first? You can do this in pairs with all sorts of topics. For example you may have taught the perfect tense. Pupils alternate by making up perfect tense sentences. The first one to fail to make a new sentence loses. This should provide a lot of verbal interaction. It can be done with single words too.

Other ideas Thanks to Paul Keogh for this one.

She laws: Regulations languates use bullets if you would dictionary use to be an aim. I record starting your first group by teaching students how to use themselves and talk a wide bit about our interests and why they turn to discourage French.

For those items of vocab datijg pupils often mis-spell, why not get them to stand up, spell out the word in the air with their finger whilst spelling out the word out loud. They could then do the same with their nose. When teaching the time get spwed of pupils to draw with their finger the time on the back of their partner who has to work out what the time is. This could easily work with numbers or languagse simple vocabulary. The Russell Group of Universities advises students to study at least two subjects at A-level from a list of datinng subjectsone of them being French. A foreign language qualification is also considered to be a most valuable asset by employers in a range of occupations.

Clara, a recent graduate who is now working in marketing, puts her job success down to her degree choice — French. Being able to speak French is a skill that I have over other graduates and being able to deal with international clients is a boost to my company. Business Speed Dating in French - Invest Ottawa In the job market, the ability to speak another language gives you the edge. The UK trades with over countries worldwide and businesses are continually looking to expand globally- this is only possible if they can communicate internationally. As such, employers are constantly seeking out foreign language speakers.

Figures reflect this - consistently showing Modern Languages graduates as having one of the lowest levels of unemployment six months after graduation. A Modern Languages degree opens up a wealth of options for your future. Pupils need to be of intermediate to advanced level for this game. The teacher can introduce the game by giving an example for one minute. Stress to pupils that they do not have to go very fast and that fluency does not equal speed. The game obviously practises fluency and specific topic areas. With the best quality students you can take on more advanced topics.

Allow at least 20 minutes for this. This is a nice filler for intermediate and above to practise use of ne. Give pupils 10 minutes to write down a list of things that the queen never does.

Maybe let pupils use dictionaries. Then put pupils in pairs and languges them to read of their statements to their partner. The first person who cannot think of an example loses. Good for advanced level. Set the scene of a plane accident or ship wreck. A group of students have ended up on a desert island with a few random objects. Bring in a bag of objects from home or things that you can gather from around the school, for example, a coat hanger, a ball of string, clothes pegs, a corkscrew etc. Tell the students that they have to use the objects they have to help them survive on the island.

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