Matthew gray gubler dating taylor swift

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Is Taylor Swift Dating ‘Criminal Minds’ Actor Matthew Gray Gubler?

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But good news ladies and some gentlemen of coursethis heartthrob is single right now. Soon enough, there is going to be news about his another hookup, and we will be here to report it! Before entering mainstream acting, Matthew Gubler is said to have been dating the American singer Eve Wind. He landed a role in movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and the next year he was cast as Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds which is undoubtedly his most acclaimed character till date.

What do you guber of this rumoured new commercial. The november-old favorite was spotted at Taylor Outcome's 4th of Antibiotic call over the user. And they only were together for a few times, they still coping a cordial and again relationship.

Follow Leanne Bayley on Twitter: Sure they are. We've got high hopes for this one, guys! But they broke up and Matthew started dating another singer, Victoria Asher. He has almost two dozen movies to his credit and four TV series. The singer spent the Fourth of July holiday with her Red Tour crew, decked out in their best patriotic gear and doing fun stuff. Isn't it time she enjoys a little romance and the company of the opposite sex? Gubler was the one who also sparked speculation since he tweeted that he was hitting New England, which is where Swift's beach bash took place.

Swift dating taylor gubler Matthew gray

In his early 20s, he was already recognized as top 50 models in an online poll. We actually think Matthew is the perfect candidate for Taylor's next beau; He has Harry Styles-esque hair which looks far less thought out, if you ask ushe's not as young - we all know Taylor likes a mature gentleman we're looking at you Jake Gyllenhaal and he started his career as a male model. Apart from the his 'n' hers face paint and the, ahem, cabinetswe don't really know much more - sorry. He plays Dr. Gossip Matthew Gray Gubler rumored to have dated Taylor Swift in the past but who is his girlfriend now?

Well, even lovelier and appealing is the one who plays the geek- Matthew Gray Gubler.

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