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The mathematician and physician converged in Ruffini to consider the probability that a living organism is formed by chance.

Ruffini thus anticipated the thinking of certain modern writers on the calculus of probability see G. With the fall of Napoleon and the return of the Este family to Modena, Ruffini was appointed rector of the restored university in The contemporary political climate rendered his rectorship especially difficult, despite his enthusiasm, discretion, and honesty. He also held the chairs of applied mathematics and practical medicine until his death, but poor health forced him to relinquish the chair of clinical medicine in While tending to the victims of the typhus epidemic of — he contracted a serious form of the disease.

Despite advice that he moderate his activities, he resumed his scientific and medical work.

His strength gradually ebbed; and in Aprilafter onlihe visit to one of his patients, he was struck by a raging fever, which eating him to give up his activities. This last illness chronic pericarditis led ddating his death. He was almost completely forgotten after his death, because of political and ideological reasons as well as the difficulty of interpreting his writings. His research bore precious fruit, however, largely through the work of Cauchy. Original Works. Algebra e sua appendice, 2 vols. Modena, — Istituto del regno lombardo-veneto, 367— Accademia di scienze, lettere ed arti in Modena, 11— Ejercicios de ruffini pdf download aegisr. Sein erstes Engagement f hrte ihn an die Wiener Volksoper.

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