Testing techniques for tracing and validating requirements for medicaid

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Outcome 3: Test the Completed Product

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For tracing requirements for medicaid Testing validating and techniques

Tek Energy LLC. Verification and validation are sometimes confused, but they are different activities. The difference between the two can be summarised as follows: Are we building the right product? Are we building the product right? Verification involves checking that the program conforms to its specification. Validation involves checking that the program as implemented meets the expectations of the customer.

Requirements validation techniques, such as prototyping, help in this respect. However, flaws and deficiencies in the validahing can sometimes be discovered only requirementa the system implementation is complete. To satisfy the objectives of the verification and validation process, both static and dynamic techniques of system checking and analysis should be used. Static techniques are concerned with the analysis and checking of system representations such as the requirements document, design diagrams and the program source code. Dynamic techniques or tests involve exercising an implementation. Static techniques include program inspections, analysis and formal verification.

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