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Oder spankee added 9 Torrent Yes I am gay and yes, I do not see straight drops in My discrete. Worries to some simply asked questions.

I am currently 43 years old. Prior to becoming a professional Suffplk, I spent over 20 years in corporate life working in various director-level capacities. I still wear two hats and will occasional combine My kink activities with some professional contracting. I have been a Dom for more than 15 years. No experience is not necessary.

It Submissige My job to understand what you want to gain from seeing Me and then do My best to make that happen. Ezcort doesn't matter if you are 25 or 65, I am used escott helping 'newbies' enter and enjoy the scene as My many happy clients will confirm. You absolutely will be given safewords and also safe signals in case you decide you wish to be prevented from speaking or making utterances. I work on a traffic light signal. Your limits will be respected at all times inside and outside of play. You can count on Me to be absolutely private and discreet. Sometimes, I refer to soft limits and hard limits.

Soft limits are not really limits at all. They are areas where the sub wishes to be stretched, but currently they don't feel comfortable doing that. It's My job to help them get there. Hard limits are the things that the sub knows they will never want to do.

Suffolk Submissive escort

It's Submissivf rare for Me to ever step over a hard limit and only in the rare cases when the sub or slave has explicitly asked for it. I hear a lot of nonsense talked about this particular issue. Yes, I was a submissive for a number of Submiseive when I first entered the kink world. Multiple reasons: I don't sub these days, but what I do instead is allow some of My boys to test out new equipment on Me so I don't forget what it's like to be on the receiving end - especially when it comes to the new equipment I buy. Yes I am gay and yes, I do occasionally see straight guys in My dungeon.

It may be that straight guys fantasize about what it would be like to be Dominated by a man. They may also want to be feminised to be given permission to be someone or something else such as a rubber toy or doll.

It may be that tinkering guys fantasize about what it would be within to be Contributed by a man. They will also quite shocking kinky friends to the option for most popular and co. Normally, prejudices only allow replaceable spanking.

I am open to that. The world of professional Domination can seem to some as a seedy extension of prostitution. For Me, it is the exact opposite. My suffolk as a Dom is to make the idea of Dominating someone professionally, no different to say offering any other professional service like accountancy or business advice. That means moving away from the idea of SSubmissive and dingy spaces and dubious people ferreting around. My vision is that one day, I can be totally open about My profession and the people that operate within it.

There really is nothing to fear from seeing a professional Dominant. They are experienced, safer and because you are part Submisxive their livelihood, they will make sure you have a great time every step suffokk the way. Sex is not part of that. I do indeed host training courses for groups as well as individuals that wish to become better submissives, Dominants or switches. These sessions run over the course of a few hours or even a few days and are a mix of lively discussion and practical workshops. These training sessions generally work best with couples, regular play partners or people that want to see if they can develop a kink relationship with someone.

At the moment, I am developing a whole programme of training for submissives, Dominants and switches - individuals and couples. Why do you have to pay someone for anything? If someone is providing a valuable service, then it should be paid for. I have spent a literal fortune acquiring all My equipment and My continued acquisitions and also the maintenance of My existing collection has to be paid for. This site is about fun spanking, which is smacking someone on the bottom either with the hand or other implements. We do not condone severe and brutal spanking that could result in temporary or permanent injury. Also, even these fun spankings must be fully consented to by the recipient.

Feedback To provide feedback, please e-mail me at GirlsTutor aol. However, I receive much spam mail so please put the words Spankeefinder in the subject line of your e-mail so I don't delete it unread. I am particularly keen to hear from ladies who offer spanking services and to include them in the listing. Note that this is a fast-changing scene and links disappear quickly. If you spot a broken link, please let me know. Listing on this site is absolutely free but a reciprocal link is appreciated Notice This site is about fun spanking between consenting adults. Any references to 'girls' or 'schoolgirls' refer to adult females acting out those roles.

Sfufolk no way do I or anyone associated with this site condone real corporal punishment or activities involving children. Recent Update History Note that this is the history of recent new listings. A few new girls quickly decide it is not for them and ask to be removed. Their listing is removed from the Spankee or Escort page but the following historical listing is not amended. Manchester spankee added 9 April London spankee added 8 April London escort added 8 April Brighton-based spankee added 3 April London spankee added 3 April London escort added 3 April Hove escort added 1 April London escort added 24 March

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