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Some examples would be original brickwork, front door, stone, ceramic tile, interior built-ins, vintage stereo system, and any unique features.

Kitchen doorstone kitchen board Updating cabinet looking panel for

Mid-Century modernism xabinet all about texture and matte finishes. I hope that sharing my hard-earned knowledge will help you find your own Bozrd Mod style. Study photos online of kitchens in the era of your house to get ideas. When choosing new bathrooms — go with timeless, not trendy. Many homes have amazing hand-crafted woodwork. For example — tile: Mid-century bathrooms are like classic cars. Do not replace fixed pane glass with prefabricated windows. This look can also be achieved with some of the wonderful new porcelain tiles that look exactly like limestone or slate but are so easy to clean.

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This goes for sliding doors as well. Clean it…sandblast it…come up with a creative solution to keep it natural. In warm climates, aluminum window frames were the standard.

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