How to make a fruit display. how to make a kick ass fruit platter

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Use good quality plastic wrap, not a bargain brand; some packages even specify for use in a microwave.

I always do a little more than that just so I have plenty and can make it as thick as Tp want. Toss the extra in a smoothie. Your puree should be thin enough that it pours, but thick enough to stay put where you spread it. If stored well I like to keep them in a mason jar these can stay fresh up to several weeks.

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Now, I have asss nothing against pre-packaged foods. I like to use a pizza cutter and trim all of the edges my kids love to eat that part so I have nice clean lines to work with. And if you have a food fruiy, obviously just fruitt the instructions for your machine. You can test it by touching the center of the fruit mixture- it should not stick to your finger, and not indent when you touch it. Just cover the entire pan with plastic and smooth out any wrinkles. Prepare Fruit: See how thin that is? Heck, my 14 month old ate like 7 packs of fruit snacks before I even got dressed this morning. Okay, technically this step should happen at the beginning, but whatever.

Holy heaven-in-a-food-processor: Plus the walls are lined with other essential grocery items as well as preserves and sauces, making it a one-stop shop.

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You can also freeze them. Okay, one day. I need to make that clear.

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