Thera explosion dating. minoan pottery

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Dating the ancient Minoan eruption of Thera using tree rings

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The third phase was also characterized by the initiation of caldera collapse.

This phase was characterized by the completion of caldera collapse, which produced megatsunamis. Although the fracturing process is not yet known, the altitudinal statistical analysis potterg that the caldera had formed just before the eruption. The area of the island was smaller, and the southern and eastern coastlines appeared regressed. During the eruption, the landscape was covered by the pumice sediments. In some places, the coastline vanished under thick tuff depositions. In others, recent coastlines were extended towards the sea.

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These procedures produce dates which place the eruption from between and years earlier. Balter, p. Kuniholm, In a Danish report published data based on the study of ice expllsion from Greenland. Dendrochronology has also produced interesting results. In Dr. Provided by University of Arizona Citation: Dating the ancient Minoan eruption of Thera using tree ringsAugust 15 retrieved 28 April from https: Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

Friedrich, W. Santorini Eruption Radiocarbon Dated to B. Haughton, B. Dating the Thera Eruption, Archaeology: Sparks, R. Science Letter 26 April The VEI does not differentiate between ejecta—gas, ash, rock, lava—but rather gives a general impression of a volcanic event, allowing scholars to compare and categorize volcanic activity across time.

Explosion minoan pottery dating. Thera

In rare cases, eyewitness accounts survive, like that of Pliny the Younger, who described the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. Geologists assign the eruption of Vesuvius a VEI of 5. Though there are no eyewitness accounts of the eruption of Thera, the geologic record suggests its similarity in size and character to the eruption of Mount Tambora in The initial explosion was heard km away in Java, and some British officers reported volcanic ash falling on their ships. Scientific models and archaeological data suggest that most of the ash cloud produced by the Theran eruption moved southeast over the lower Aegean and the Dodecanese.

Rhodes received up to 1 m. Traces of ash and sediment have been found in the Nile River Delta and on the shores of modern-day Turkey.

Historically documented eruptions often cause other natural disasters such as tsunamis, earth displacement, or ash veils that linger in the atmosphere for months or years. These can have longer term effects than the eruption itself. A tsunami, for example, is a massive displacement of water that results in waves that travel underneath the surface of the ocean. When a tsunami reaches shallow shores, it emerges as a huge Thera explosion dating. minoan pottery of water followed by the withdrawal of the tide for up to hundreds of meters. Residents of islands in the immediate vicinity would likely also have perished due to the toxic gasses in the ash cloud, the raining debris, and the likely tsunamis.

The further removed from Thera itself, the less clear observers would be as to what was happening. Certainly, people on nearby Crete would have been affected by raining debris 9 and a tsunami, but would they have known that those catastrophes were caused by a volcanic eruption? Thera explosion dating. minoan pottery people affected by the Theran eruption would likely have experienced associated effects such as daytime darkness, thunderous noises, mysterious clouds, flooding, earthquakes, and atmospheric anomalies, without connecting these occurrences with a volcanic eruption. This phenomenon is corroborated by studies of the eruptions of Mt.

Tambora Indonesia,Krakatau Indonesia,and a more recent eruption of Thera Ancient Chinese writings attributed to the fifth century BC philosopher Mozi Motse as well as records in the Bamboo Annals describe phenomena that could be attributed to Thera. Sun and moon did not appear on time. Winter and summer came irregularly. The five grains were dried up to death. In the night, stars fell like rain. The earth shook. Hyperion Press, Furthermore, Thera could certainly have affected China in the ways described by Mozi and in the Bamboo Annals.

As the Mt. Pinatubo eruption exemplified, volcanic gasses and ash circumnavigated the globe within twenty-two days. Pinatubo created a global cooling effect of 0. Known as the Tempest Stele, it describes a great storm with mist-filled winds and terrible flooding that destroyed temples and other buildings. According to the text, the storm produced bellowing noise, darkness, torrent so that no torch could be lit, houses washed into the river and bobbing like boats, and damaged or destroyed temples. Archaeologists excavating the site found signs of inundation such as rounded pumice, shells, and snails, suggestive of inundation. Nearby, researchers found deposits of volcanic material corresponding to likely ejecta from Thera.

However, pumice found in some Egyptian tombs, placed with the dead for cosmetic use in the afterlife, may provide a resolution to the debate over the Tempest Stele. Pumice in tombs at Kahun near Faiyum and at Amarna have elemental concentrations consistent with samples from Thera in the Minoan eruption tephra layer. Wiener and James P. If such a link does indeed exist, it would certainly indicate that Thera had a major impact on ancient Egypt, possibly assisting Ahmose in overthrowing the Hyksos. Much as Europe experienced the Renaissance after the calamity of the Black Death and the United States became a superpower after rising out of the depths of the Great Depression, so might Egypt have entered its New Kingdom period after its recovery from the devastating Theran eruption.

Unfortunately, the lack of written records during the likely Theran date range of c. Akkadian and Sumerian omen texts describe phenomena such as fiery red sunsets, lunar and solar halos which could indicate atmospheric ashpervasive darkness, and violent storms. However, these texts are of uncertain date and are all but impossible to conclusively link with Thera or any other specific event. The Aegean Sea region is home to many myths and legends that could possibly relate to the Theran eruption. One such legend, that of Theseus and the Minotaur, tells the story of a terrible half-man and half-bull beast that was slain by the Greek hero Theseus in a labyrinth under the palace of king Minos at Knossos.

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