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How to get a tee time at the PLAYERS Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass

Nerve time isn't right season at TPC Sawgrass because the Main area is a relatively cooler than would and easy Florida, and the best isn't overseeded. Poof are your life TPC Sawgrass campaigns, walks and memories?.

The Fred Couples hole-in-three Fo could be argued that this is the craziest thing to ever ti on No. In the first round of the Players Championship it was played in the month of March then and remained that fpc until switching to May infan favorite Fred Couples stepped to the tee. Like many before him -- and countless thousands since then -- Couples splashed wanh tee shot hpc the water. Nothing special, unique, or crazy there. But what happened next was amazing Couples re-teed and, playing his third shot, proceeded to knock that shot into the hole, on the fly, for the most unlikely of pars.

Three days later, I was in fourth place. You can follow him on Twitter, tjauclair. Rather than having us wait around the pro shop indefinitely, an enterprising pro shop attendant took my cell phone number, sent us off to breakfast, and called me after he was able to sort out the revised tee sheet. Should I take a cart or caddie? What makes it a difficult decision for some people is that there's no extra charge for a cart; it's included with your green fee. Few people realize this. The other option is a caddie. Should I stay at the Sawgrass Marriott? While you're no longer required to stay at the Sawgrass Marriott to play at TPC Sawgrass, here's why you might want to do it anyway.

Second, while anyone can make reservations at TPC Sawgrass within 14 days of their desired date of play, goo of the Sawgrass Marriott can book much farther in advance. Third, because the Sawgrass Marriott is affiliated with the TPC Sawgrass, it can offer excellent golf packages see tip 1. Any recommendations on where to eat? The clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass is spectacular and some think its food and happy hour specials are great. It has great menus in its lively, fun bar and its well-serviced restaurant, which usually includes the oversight of its owner.

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Just joking. But that week he hit it in the water twice, and nearly a third time. I got in his head. Then [in ] he was able to give me grief all week about my awful shot. And he made 2 and never missed the green. He got a bit cocky: My performances have been so dreadful. Every damn shot on that golf course seems like it can destroy you, so you better be paying attention. We all get anxiety attacks, but the worst part for any tournament player is the waiting for the round to start. What professional would think about it at the beginning of the round? You have enough to think about before then. There it is, winking at you.

The walk from the 16th green is huge. That is success. A birdie is a bonus. Man up and hit it. I quit looking at the flag a couple of years ago. My thought was always just to make a smooth swing. It was easy to get too quick because of the adrenaline. I actually under-think it. The first time I played there, inI played a practice round with Nick Price. He told me just to hit it at the mound in the middle of the green every day and make 3. My strategy was always, take the club that could get it to the front yardage and hit it hard. You have your minimum carry number and your maximum carry number, and it depends where the pin is and what the wind is, and you adjust.

Tc that lost-hospitality control on the gold prices to do the wind. Directly [in ] I hit more the time frame of my unique. You can find him on Twitter, tjauclair.

There are three separate sections to the green. No one really goes for that pin. That green is about 27 paces deep, but you can eliminate the last six steps. I had ideas for all the pins, even the back right.

Very few guys find the water left or right. Most go long or short. It seems like when guys miss, they miss long. It lands too high on the middle section and takes a big bounce. All that corporate-hospitality stuff wanh the hill tends to block the wind. The guys look up high and see the flags blowing. Tiger [in ] came up 12 yards short of where it needed to be. Fred Couples, the and Players champion, aced the 17th inand in he holed out his third shot on the fly from the tee for par after hitting his previous shot into the water. I always went to the drop zone. If you keep hitting from the tee, you could make anything. If you do that, I have to think your head is in the wrong spot.

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